Freeing Your Feminine Spirit: A 5-Day Journey Through a Workbook

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Freeing Your Feminine Spirit: A 5-Day Journey Through a Workbook

Maddy Moon
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Every single person on this planet lives with two distinct energies inside of them: the Feminine and the Masculine.

The Masculine is strength. It’s the pushing out, the drive, logic, dedication, structure, order and it’s the goal-oriented side of life.

The Feminine is the softness. It’s the pulling in, the magnetism, nourishment, nature, creativity, flow, grace, listening, and the curves of life.

Many people today struggle with both of these energies, though I find that femininity is one that is most commonly misunderstood.

Many people confuse softness for weakness. Or a lack of control with laziness. Or the art of surrendering with giving up.

As a result, we fall prey to this patriarchal society where, as women, we are molded, shaped and pressured to do it all, be it all and look perfect all the while. This perfectionism is not masculine, mind you. It's fear-based and it's running the show for many lives.

Perfectionism, though, can be disowned once you find your own unique harmony between the feminine and masculine energies within your body.

This workbook is aimed to help you kick-start that journey. If you go through this book slowly, giving every section the attention it deserves, you will be served greatly. 

You will walk away understanding:

-What the feminine and masculine energies represent

-How to rewrite negative stories in your life

-How to reclaim your feminine essence

-How to feel sensual and free in the sheets

-What it means to adorn your body

-How to create self-care rituals that nourish and enrich your life

-What an intuitive, delicious movement routine feels like

-How to partner with your Dark Goddess instead of fighting her


This is a five-day journey so get prepared to dive deep with me on your side. If you have any questions after doing the workbook, please do not hesitate to reach out on my website here: maddymoon.com

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